Should I wash Jasmine rice?





According to this, yes.

(I have never in my life rinsed rice of any kind.)

you’re supposed to wash rice? i was probably told to do this, but I don’t think i ever did. also, i can’t cook rice without a rice cooker and i prefer rice on the mushy side, so my turn to make rice never came up that often.

Haha, I was taught to wash rice. Not a lot, just a couple rinses. 

You wash rice heavily only if you have like weevils in them. But if you don’t have a weevil problem, washing isn’t a big deal. (My dad tells me that it’s not necessary at all… just some people have an issue with perceived impurities when the rice water looks cloudy.) 

if you mean white rice, you should. the cloudiness comes from the light coating of glucose or talc that’s meant to enhance the whiteness, so that should be rinsed off before you cook it. i’m more relaxed with brown rice, and besides you can tell the difference in the water — there’s less cloudiness when you rinse it off. but in general, it’s a good way to remove any broken rice or stones or unhusked rice that made it into the packaging.

Of course you should check the packaging. If it’s enriched, then you’re washing off the sprayed on enriched nutrients.

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